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Rustic Fabric - Moose, Deer, Bear
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Cabin rustic lodge upholstery fabric with animals
rustic lodge fabric

Pattern Runs Down
the Bolt in This Direction

Rustic Lodge Woven Fabric
commonly known as 
Peter's Cabin
or Wildlife

* 57% polyester / 43% cotton weave
* Rustic Outdoor Theme - Moose, Bear, Deer, Duck
* 54" bolt width
* earthy rust and natural color tones
* Repeat: 13 1/2 vert.,  13 1/2 horizontal.
* excellent for upholstery or drapery
* cleaning code S

fabric sold by the whole yard -  no half yards shipped

$18.99 / Yard   

Order a 9" x 9" Sample $5.00  per swatch including shipping

Yukon High Country Animal Fabric swatch with elk, moose bear, wolf and eagle images
high country animals fabric
Pattern Runs Down 
the Bolt in This Direction

High Country Fabric

High Country Mountain Animals Outdoor Theme - including Moose, Deer, Elk, Wolf, Sheep, Bear and Eagles

* 54" bolt width
* Green and Tan natural outdoor color tones
* Repeat: 22 5/8" vert.,  28 1/8" horizontal.
* excellent for upholstery or drapery
* cleaning code S
* 50% polyester / 50% cotton weave

fabric sold by the whole yard -  no half yards shipped

$16.95 / yard   Qty.  

Order a 9" x 9" Sample $5.00  - per swatch including shipping

Both of these rustic lodge-look upholstery fabrics are great for any log cabin or other type of high country decor where an outdoor theme carries the design of the space. The both are high grade upholstery duty fabrics and have a very high wear cycle. They are color fast and easy to clean as well. The cabin fabric has deer, moose, beer and duck images along with animal paw prints. It is done in an earth-tone color scheme. The Yukon fabric focuses more on a upper altitude them like from Alaska or Canada with images of elk, moose, deer, wolf and eagle animals and birds. The color scheme is a sky blue contrasted against neutral and earth-tone colors.

History of Rustic Lodge Look in Design

In the hearts of Americans lies a history of our country that is one to make us all proud, no matter how long we have lived here or who we are. This land has been good to Man, blessed with abundance from its early times to support him in all his enterprises.

Early Native Americans covered this country with their tribes building (in the eyes of the Europeans) primal villages and even cities and remaining close to Mother Earth in their culture and attitude. Every lodge boasted the remnants of their hunters in the form of furs, leathers, clothing, tools, wall-hangings and in pictures on pottery and their rustic altars.

The early Europeans came and discovered the abundance of game that was the sustenance and gave glory to God for His care. His strange new local neighbors did the same, only recognized that Infinite Power through that of His works. Both cultures faced the Hunt which would produce the food needed to survive. Both utilized every part of the animal to aid in that survival and valued it. Both filled their homes and hearts with what this land gave to them. The moose, deer, elk, and mountain sheep, even the lowly duck and the mighty eagle were sources of inspiration and survival and are still honored today in our upholstery fabrics and art for our high country style homes.

The Rustic Lodge log cabin look honors these memories and while, we probably don’t recognize it as such in our modern day, there is a part of us honoring our ancestral way of life that was given to sustain us even through our present time, as it nurtured our forefathers and made us who we are.

Where did the lodge look originate? In our history and in this country’s history is the answer: in our hunters and their place in our cultures and their gifts of food, bone and leather. Where it has gone honors the earth itself with its inclusion of metals and stone intertwined with the animals, the rustic lifestyles and colors of America’s past.

Today, the modern lodges have little in common with the earlier homes in this country as most would be viewed by our earlier ancestors as mansions fit for kings. Yet inside, they would find much that would remind them of our continued reverence for that which this land gave us in abundance.

We find it in the simpler lines that define the rustic look as the earlier settlers used more rudimentary elements such as tree branches and animal antlers in their furniture and tanned leather for their fabric. Rustic meant using what was available and being the creative people that we are, making it beautiful as well as functional. Today’s lodges reflect the deep woods log cabin feel and have made this a standard that defines its very existence. This is why we still have a need for the outdoors, the country, the mountains and the lakes and streams in our lives, even in the middle of Modern Manhattan. We want that connection back to a simpler time, a more primal time, something that connects us back beyond even our past. The rustic lodge look sparks our imaginations of times long past and brings peace to our souls. It is why it remains today one of the most popular looks for homes, furniture upholstery and rooms in our very modern dwellings.

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