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Fish / Fishing Lodge Fabric

woven Jacquard blend

Fishing Lodge
Fishing lodge fabric
Fishing Lodge Fabric

Order a 9" x 9" Sample Swatch
5.00 including shipping


Rustic Fishing Fabric

  • Fishing Lodge / Lake  theme - 59" bolt width
    Moss green, rust , tan color tones

  • 14.75" horizontal  and 15.75 " vertical up the roll repeat

  • excellent for upholstery or drapery fabric use

  • Outdoors , High Country Lodge or Rustic Decor look

  • Fish and Fishing Lodge outdoors theme
    45% Cotton / 55%  Polyester 

sold by the whole yard  
no half yards shipped

Cost : $19.95 / yard
Volume fabric order discounts

Yardage Qty.  

woven Jacquard blend

Gone Fishing
Fish fabric
Fish Fabric / Fishing Theme

Order a 9" x 9" Sample Swatch
5.00 including shipping


* Fish and Fishing tackle theme - 57" bolt width
* rust , green and earth color tones

14 1/2" horizontal.  and 13 " vertical  repeat pattern
* excellent for upholstery or drapery fabric use

* Great for Outdoors Look, Country Lodge or Rustic Decor
* Fish Lodge, Fishing Reels, Rods, Bait and Tackle Theme
* 52%  Polyester  /  48% Rayon jacquard weave

sold by the whole yard no half yards shipped
Cost : $17.95 / yard
10% Discount on 10 Yards
15% Discount on 20 Yards or More

Yardage Qty.  

Rustic Lodge and High Country Outdoor Theme Fabrics

Fishing fabric
Fish Fabric
Fishing lodge
Fishing Lodge Fabric
rustic lodge fabric
distressed brown leather fabric
distressed leather - faux
tan waterproof vinyl
waterproof vinyl fabric
medieum brown leatherette
brown waterproof vinyl

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Glossary of Fabric Terms

Marine:  Suitable for outdoor use in a water type environment like boating

Vinyl: water proof - modern vinyl and urethane products have the look and feel of real leather

Faux Leather: simulated leather. Waterproof but with a good natural feel. Consistent color and texture - Great for upholstery

Jacquard: woven on a loom with multiple threads of different colors. The warp and weft alternate the different threads to produce the image or pattern much in the same way as a tapestry is done. Some people call the more complex patterns woven tapestry fabrics.

Print: done with colored inks and dyes applied to the material to achieve the desired look or pattern. Not as rich as woven jacquards but much more cost effective

Chenille: Has a very course to medium cut pile - some times heavily textured and sometimes very smooth.

Velvet: Very soft open , knotted weave that produces a very luxurious feel and has high depth
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is done via either FED EX Ground or UPS. Both offer equivalent service to all areas of the country for retail delivery. Larger wholesale orders can sometimes be shipped via common carriers to save on freight. This only applies to multiple bolt orders shipped to the same location.

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