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Hot New Fabric Introduction !

Silas acorn woven jacquard paisley upholstery fabric with gold chenille
Gold Woven Jacquard Chenille

Wholesale Stock Fabric Yardage Below

Waterproof Urethane and Vinyl Selections

White Levante
White waterproof faux leather
white upholstery vinyl

Black Levante
Black Vinyl Fabric
black waterproof vinyl

Buff Levante
Levante Buff waterproof vinyl urethane fabric
waterproof fabric

Buckskin waterproof leather
deer skin faux leather

Hunter Green
Green waterproof vinyl

Coffee faux suede fabric
soft faux suede
Taupe faux leather
taupe faux leather
Cimarron waterproof vinyl
waterproof vinyl fabric

Gray waterproof upholster fabric
Gray Waterproof

Discount available on every designer fabric in the store

Medium brown waterproof vinyl
brown waterproof vinyl

Whiskey brown waterproof faux leather
brown vinyl fabric

Rawhide distressed brown faux leather
distressed leather

Moss green waterproof faux leather
faux leather

Avanti Sandalwood
Neutral tan grained faux leather
tan faux leather

Reptila Chestnut
Fauz alligator leather fabric
lizard skin faux leather

Reptila Chocolate
Dark brown alligator waterproof faux leather
Reptila Cranberry
Red alligator lizard faux leather

Cordovan burgundy waterproof leather fabric
burgundy faux leather

Blue waterproof vinyl
blue faux leather

Avanti Pecan
Grained brown faux leather fabric
brown faux leather

Red waterproof vinyl
red wine leatherette

We stock only high quality upholstery grade fabric in waterproof urethane, vinyl, woven  jacquard, faux leather, print and other faux fur product styles. You can choose from a wide color selection including red waterproof , green faux leathers and brown earth tone yardage to suit any design color theme. Order a sample on any one of our fabrics to see if it will work for your decor.

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Southwestern Themed Upholstery Fabrics

Cattle Drive
Brown faux cowhide
faux cow hide

Lakota - Chipotle
Lakota Southestern upholstery fabric
Native American

Palomino Brown
Brown and white faux cow hide fabric
brown faux cowhide

Palomino Black
Black and white faux cow hide fabric
black cow  faux hide

Distressed faux suede fabric
brown faux suede

Salsa Southwestern fabric
Salsa Chili Pepper

Southwestern Fabric

Lakota Sierra
Native American Southerwestern fabric
southwestern fabric

Rodeo cowboys and horses fabric
cowboys /  horses

Texas Hold'em
Playing cards woven upholstery fabric with poker theme in green
playing cards

Seashells fabric in ocean shells pattern
ocean shells fabric
Fairview Buff
Tan grained faux suede fabric
grained faux suede

Lost City
Natural architectural woven jacquard

Greek  architectural

Sofie Acorn
Gold and tan woven chenille
woven jacquard

Lydia Graphite
Lydia Graphite paisley fabric
woven paisley

Liza Rouge
Red woven paisley
paisley  jacquard

Log cabin animals fabric - Deer Wold Elf Moose Bear
rustic lodge fabric

Rustic Lodge Yukon Fabric - high Country animals
high country animals

Gone Fishin'
fishing fabric
Fish and Fishing

Fishing Lodge
Fish Fabric
Fishing Lodge

Volume Discounts On Order Over 10 Yards Per Fabric

Bengali tiger fabric

tiger fabric

Zou Zou
Zebra hide pattern upholstery fabric
zebra faux hide

Zebra fabric
zebra micro print

Safari animals woven fabric
African Wild Animals

Giraffe faux fur
giraffe fabric

Leopard Chenille
Leopard chenille fabric
leopard cat fabric

Leopard faux animal hide
leopard faux fur

Tiger chenille

Natural Duck
Natural duck canvas
natural cotton muslin

Coffee House
Coffee shop fabric
coffee fabric

8 Ball / Billiards
Billiard 8-Ball fabric
billiards, 8 ball theme

Classic vintage golf fabric
golf fabric - classic era

woven jacquard fabric
woven  jacquard

Gold chenille
shimmery chenille
Ancient Mariner
Mariner old world map fabric
celestial map fabric
Silver and gold stripe
drapery / upholstery

Car Race
NASCAR Stock Car Racing Fabric Swatch
Racing Fabric

Shells woven fabric
shells fabric
Sea Spray
Sea Spray ocean theme

coastal colors print
 Ocean Gardens
Ocean sea shells print fabric

sea shells print

blue, green and cream plaid check
green cotton plaid

Green check plaid fabric
cotton plaid

Red Plaid - Benson
Red plaid fabric swatch for upholstery projects
red plaid fabrics

Rust red plaid fabric
rust linen / poly plaid

Fabric Domain Welcomes You!

Have you ever considered just where all these fabrics come from or how it all began? Since man learned to skin his first animal and woman learned how to plait reeds, home fashion design has been in existence. Clothing has been with man since the beginning as soon as he figured out that the animal’s skin was there for warmth. The textile industry had its start when women realized they wanted something new for their wardrobe than those same old furs.

How the first cloth was created took a genius artist to figure out. It was painstaking. Placing animal hairs at 90 degree angles and applying agitation to them caused them to join together and produced felt. This pleased the woman who now had a soft pliable material to dye with the berry of her choice and stand out in the crowd. Of course, the tribal leader’s wife would have claimed it right away, leaving the poor genius artist to go back to the painstaking process all over again. Hopefully, she shared her secret quickly and there were lots of hands to help, allowing everyone to have lighter, tighter fitting material to cover them.

This led to breeding sheep, which had long straight hair at first, great for creating felt but not as warm as wool. Somewhere along the line, one of these sheep produced a shorter hair with a crimp in it. Fascinated by this and the material that it was producing, the farmer began to breed this type of sheep into the wooly type we know today. This allowed another genius to graduate from pounding felt into being able to produce a short yarn and develop a type of early knitting, probably with a short bone needle.

In the meantime, their mates were figuring out how to make nets for fishing with plant fibers twisted together but that just wouldn’t hold up for clothing. Disappointed but not despairing, women continued to find a better use for their rope material, making baskets and hangars, mats and bedding from their newly discovered plant fibers. They even managed to make it so thick that they could build bridges and fences from it. Thus began the home design and décor industry that even today continues to find creative uses for man-made and natural materials in our personalized abodes. It has now evolved into a myriad of colors, textures, styles and materials in fabrics that can be as whimsy or as practical (sometimes both) as a person could desire.

Every home is different. People are attracted to different styles and colors throughout their lifetime. Whether this is a conscious choice for comfort and practicality or a subconscious need to surround one’s self with certain textures and colors for more sublime reasons is debatable. What is known is that we do like to change things up every once in a while and that can be as simple as replacing a fabric on a pillow or changing out a seat cushion that is getting worn. It can also be as complex as replacing everything in a room but one fact cannot be altered: You need a good fabric store that specializes in upholstery fabrics to find something to use that will last through rubs and bangs of daily life. Or you could just put up a velvet cord and only let people come in to admire your handiwork on special occasions but that leads to cramped living space. So practicality and beauty have to go hand in hand.

So now you are ready to do a project. You have an idea and you now face the hardest part of the journey to the end of your dream. It is time to go hunt down what you are imagining. This usually involves a great deal of research (if it is a big project) and possibly the aid of a good decorator! But maybe that is beyond your budget or you are an ultimate do it yourselfer. Let’s hope you are not pondering making your own fabric. When one enters a good upholstery fabric store, it can be overwhelming. You come prepared, budget in hand, color and texture in mind. Or maybe this is a first scouting venture that is simple exploration. What is available that fits? What IS my budget going to need to be??

As your research has already paid off in directing you to this discount fabric center, you have made a good first choice. This wholesale fabric center can meet many of your needs when it comes to upholstery fabrics and excellent pricing. Enjoy your stay with us today and please, contact us with any questions you may have.

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Glossary of Fabric Terms

Vinyl : water proof - modern vinyls and urethanes have the look and feel of real leather

Jacquard : woven on a loom with multiple threads of different colors. The warp and weft alternate the different threads to produce the image or pattern much in the same way as a tapestry is done. Some people call the more complex patterns woven tapestry fabrics.

Print : done with colored inks and dyes applied to the material to achieve the desired look or pattern. Not as rich as woven jacquards but much more cost effective

Chenille : Has a very coarse to medium cut pile - some times heavily textured and sometimes very smooth.

Velvet: Very soft open , knotted weave that produces a very luxurious feel and has moderate depth

Marine: suitable for outdoor use or in applications like boat seating