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Brown Grained Faux Leather Fabric

Avanti Pecan

Avanti pecan brown grained faux leather fabric
grained faux leather

Faux Leather - Pecan Brown

Sorry , This Fabric Has Been Discontinued by the Manufacturer

  • waterproof fabric with a genuine grained leather look

  • Excellent feel of real leather 

  • Size of grain is about 1/8" in size

  • Color :  Medium Pecan Brown 

  • This fabric has a Has soft cloth backing and will not flock

  • Width :  54" 

  • Pattern: Repeat : very small

  • Railroaded pattern - runs down bolt

  • Fiber Content :  100% urethane

  • Great For upholstery or craft projects

  • Excellent quality and durability

fabric sold by the whole yard
no half yards shipped

Order a 9" x 9" Sample Swatch

Faux Leather Fabrics
Why Use Them?

“Mommy, I just spilled my milk!”, your crying toddler gets your attention and you look in dismay at the milk pooling under his chair and dripping from the seat next to him at the table where the erstwhile cup is laying, soaking into the seat fabric which will never smell or look the same.

So you are on the hunt to recover in something a bit more durable yet still attractive. Ugh. Most of what you see looks cheap and without any personality! So you are researching for a better and yet affordable alternative.

What makes our fabrics different? We buy our fabrics with quality and usefulness practicality in mind that remain affordable to the average consumer. We cover barstools and have learned from thirty years of experience how to know when a fabric is right. This specialty in upholstery fabrics gives us a unique position in the market place, catering to the designer for large quantity orders to the individual who wants to salvage their present furniture with an updated look .

Faux leathers, good quality faux leathers, are an excellent choice for someone looking to have a durable, long lasting, attractive fabric that will fool most people who think they are sitting on leather! Why not use leather? Leather stretches more readily that the faux leathers and is easily torn with inexperienced application. The dyes used fade much faster in direct sunlight. The price is much, much more and then there is the explanation needed for your friends who detest the use of animal products!

Faux leathers save you from all these dilemmas. Think not just faux leather on your next project- think FabricDomain.com faux leathers, a name you can trust in the industry dedicated to upholstery fabrics.

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