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Moss Green Vinyl Upholstery Fabric

Distressed Faux Leather

Moss green weathered and distressed waterproof fabric
green fabric

waterproof vinyl
grained - distressed faux leather

  • Suitable For Outdoor Use

  • grained weathered faux leather fabric

  • waterproof vinyl and woven backer

  • muted moss green color

  • 54" fabric bolt width

  • natural leather look

  • excellent fabric for upholstery needs

  • great natural feel and look !

  • fabric sold by the whole yard

This a rugged and durable fabric that is of as premium grade. It is fairly thick and has a lot of substance to it. It is also suitable for outdoor applications and well as indoor and has superior abrasion resistance. Our Moss green upholstery fabric has the look and feel of real leather and in much more durable and maintenance free. It is very workable and soft to the hand making it idea for any cushion re-upholstery project. It can be used in a variety of decor situations from rustic to transitional. It suggests an outdoor feel and has many of the same color tones as real moss growing in trees.

Moss Growing on Oak Trees
Moss growing on oak trees

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