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Zebra Fabric

Micro Fiber Print

Zou Zou Zebra Upholstery Fabric

Zebra faux hide upholstery animal skin fabric
zebra print fabric

  • Brushed micro fiber Zebra faux hide upholstery fabric

  • Content: 100% polyester microfiber

  • Zebra animal hide pattern

  • Fabric bolt width - 54"

  • Repeat: 20" horz. x 20.5" vert.

  • very soft authentic animal fur look

  • very  abrasion resistant

  • Upholstery grade fabric - not cheap fake fur


Got Style ?
Don't be guilty of a Design " Fur-Pas "
group of zebras on the open African plains

The detail on our fabric really resembles that of a Zebra. These are all synthetic, man-made fabrics. No animals we harmed in any way. Compare our Zou Zou pattern in particular to these real animals. This is a very authentic looking faux fur fabric with a great, soft feel.

Closeup of an adult zebra

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