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Race Car Fabric

Sorry Discontinued by the Mill

race car fabric swatch showing all aspects of racing
racing car fabric

Car Race - Racing Theme Fabric

53% cotton / 47% poly content53% cotton / 47% poly content
Stock Car Racing theme
54" bolt width
excellent for upholstery or drapes

Off to the Races!

Whether you live in a home that is avidly following their favorite driver around the tracks in person, or you ARE the person going around those tracks in person, you will appreciate our fabric reflecting the energy and zest of modern day racing.
This durable fabric can take it as covering for pillows or seating, even draperies for that extra fan crazed touch if you will it. All found here in the amount that you need, no matter how big or small your project is. We specialize in the novelty fabrics and are proud to add this one to our collection!

formula 1 race cars racing on flat track

Racing has been part of American culture for over a century and in other countries as well for decades. In fact, wherever two cars have met, from early on in history we have seen automobiles being driven to its’, and their drivers’ limits.
Chicago claims the first auto race occurred in 1895 between Chicago and Evanston, a 50 mile course. The race was won by a team of two brothers, Charles and Frank Duryea, who drove the course in eight hours, using 3.5 gallons of gasoline, according to the Chicago Times-Herald’s historic records.

vintage racing car in black and white

Its publisher was the author of this event. Inspired by the beginnings of possibility with this budding new industry, H. H. Kohlsaat offered a cash prize of $5000 to the best inventor of a practical and self-propelling road carriage and the challenge was accepted and won by J. Frank Duryea. This of course, sold a great many newspapers for Mr. Kohlsaat who seemed to be very pleased with the results. Did he know that he had just started an additional new industry as well? Did he have any idea that this spectacular yet humble beginning to the world of auto racing would develop into the multi- million dollar races of today?

Vintage race cars showing Frank Duryea

Modern car racing has been greatly loved by its fans who follow the tracks avidly, and in 2016, saw the closest finish ever when Denny Hamlin squeezed out Martin Truex Jr by six inches in the Daytona race, all top placements being taken with Toyotas.

NASCAR stock cars racing

Take pride in your love of racing- there is a long established history and an excitement that just can’t be kept down when the engines rev and the race is on!

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