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High-Grade, Faux Leather

Red Upholstery Vinyl

Apple red waterproof fabric

Red waterproof upholstery fabric

Red Grained Faux Leather / Vinyl

  • Great upholstery grade fabric in apple red color

  • Excellent leather-like feel

  • soft flocked cotton backer

  • Has good stretch and workability

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Trapper Red

Trapper bright red vinyl fabric
Red Vinyl - Contract Grade

contract grade red vinyl

  • durable contract grade red upholstery vinyl

  • grained finish with woven backer

  • not nearly as soft to the touch as item shown above but extremely durable and better suited to high traffic commercial applications

  • 54" bolt width

 Red is very much in Fashion in the current trends

RED red red! Among the vibrant colors coming into the forefront in recent publishings from home décor authorities, is my present favorite accent color - red. Secretly, I breathed a sigh of contentment as I am still in love with red! Trending over the last few years, I can’t imagine not having the glimpses of warmth and muted luxury that echo in my home setting that red seems to convey to the mind that looks for merriment of life among the more stable colors surrounding us.

These faux leathers in a variety of shades, brings to your home a moment of richness that no other color conveys as well as red. Perfect for barstools, benches and any other application that you can dream into existence in your home, our fabrics are a high quality, long lasting quality that you can display proudly in any setting.

Take a look and see which one speaks to your heart and your needs. You won’t be disappointed!

More red upholstery grade fabrics

Reptile Lizard Cranberry Red Waterproof
Red repilte lizard waterproof fabric swatch

Benson - Woven Red Plaid Fabric
Woven red and black plaid fabric sample
red plaid fabrics

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