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Lizard / Snakeskin Faux Leather

Red, Chestnut and Chocolate Brown

Reptilia Chestnut
Lizard faux waterproof leather
Reptile / Lizard Faux Leather

Soft waterproof urethane - superior to vinyl

  • 54" bolt width - pattern is not railroaded
  • 100% Urethane face - cotton back
  • Reptile pattern: Snakeskin / Lizard / Alligator / Crocodile
  • Extremely durable yet very soft and workable
  • Superior satin finish with slight texture
  • available in 3 finishes: Chestnut, Chocolate and Cranberry
  • Has a fair amount of stretch so corner work is a breeze
  • Easily tailored by hand
  • This is of the very finest faux leathers we have ever seen
  • Fine furniture grade upholstery fabric

Fabric sold by the whole yard only
Cost : $12.49 / yard

Full Width Chestnut Yardage - Qty.  
Small Chestnut Sample, 9 inch - Qty.  
Reptilia Cranberry Red
Red alligator faux leather fabric
Lizard Faux Leather

Fabric sold by the whole yard only - $12.49 / yard
Full Width Cranberry Yardage -

Small Cranberry Sample, 9 inch - Qty.  
Reptilia Chocolate
Dark alligator faux leather fabric
Snakeskin Faux Leather

Fabric sold by the whole yard only - $12.49 / yard
Full Width Chocolate Yardage -
Small Chocolate Sample, 9 inch - Qty.  

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